Vaseline: See My Skin
2022 Cannes Gold Lion Winner
2022 Cannes Bronze Winner
Introducing the only database designed to search skin conditions on skin of color.
Less than 6% of image-based search results show skin conditions on people of color. And when Black and Hispanic people don't feel seen in search, they're less likely to be seen by a dermatologist. This leads to misdiagnosis untreated conditions and 25% higher mortality rates for life-threatening conditions like skin cancer.
We partnered with Vaseline® to create See My Skin: the only database designed to search conditions on skin of color. We aggregated thousands of images of hundreds of the most searched skin conditions, each one independently evaluated for accuracy and relevance by a board of certified dermatologists. All in an effort to build the world's most diverse medical image library. Then, we directly connected people of color with culturally competent dermatologists, breaking down the invisible barrier to seeking quality and impartial care. Most of all, we did what search engines and the industry have failed to do: address the lonq-standing bias and exclusion of people of color in skin care.
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