Dove: Girl Collective
From a young age, outside voices such as school dress codes and harsh comments from peer groups influence how girls feel about their appearance. These comments still have a negative impact on her self-esteem and make her less likely to participate in things like trying out for sports or raising her hand in class. We believed it was time for her to hear something different. We teamed up with Shonda Rhimes  to launch the Girl Collective, a multigenerational sisterhood created to build confidence and challenge beauty stereotypes through honest, authentic and practical conversations shared between women and girls. The Girl Collective is powered by the Dove Self Esteem Project which has been hosting self-esteem workshops in schools and providing at-home self-esteem materials and exercises since 2004. 
On International Day of the Girl, October 11, 2018, Dove brought Girl Collective to schools across the country. Teachers from across the US attended the super-event and received accredited Dove Self-Esteem Project training that they can bring back to help the young people they serve in their schools every day.
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