AXE: The Gold Squad
AUDIENCE:  Gen Z Tribesters. Whether it’s his stats on XBOX, his skills on an 808, or his proud nerd status, every Gen Z guy has his own “thing.” It’s what makes him an individual and what defines his many social spheres. He’s about embracing what he loves and sharing it with the world. And while grooming isn’t top of mind, he’s inspired by brands that get him with content that feels real and relevant.
CHALLENGE: Breakthrough to the hard-to-engage GenZ guy in a way that was relevant, cool and got guys to believe that with Axe Goldyou can confidently face life’s awkward moments head-on. 
IDEA: We designed a series of insanely entertaining, sweat-inducing challenges and invited 4 of social’s most influential male stars – Lil’ Yachty, Danny Ocean, Markiplier, and Brandon Armstrong to stay ‘Fresher Under Pressure’ no matter what we threw at them.
RESULTS:  • 110M total reach • 3.37M total engagements • 264M+ earned impressions • 20M+ total views on our 4 hero films
Creative Director: Suyin Sleeman
Art Director: Schuyler Higgins
Executive Producer: Jared Pearlman
Producer: Zach Fleming
Director: Andrew Barchilon
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